[Sports Seoul] Seo Taiji Goes to Japan: March 17, 2001

Taiji's 'Hayeoga' remade in Japan Seo Taiji(29)'s overture of landing on japanese archipelago rings. 'Arashi', the japanese idol group of the highest popularity is planning to have people over whole Japan know Taiji's reputation as it records 'Hayeoga', the title song of Seo Taiji & Boys' 2th album on its 5th single album which is scheduled to be produced on this June, by remaking it. 'Arashi', the group of 5 males, which has debuted with 'Arashi' the theme song of world cup volleyball of Fuji TV around the end of 1999 and has acceded to the top of Oricorn chart with the highest public confidence in Japan at a stretch, is the musician of top ranking. It was confirmed that Seo Taiji, who put off the schedule of visiting America set for the middle of February, was keeping in contact with the japanese persons concerned while doing musical work. Janiz is the biggest entertainment company that has produced the group of the highest rank 'SMAP', 'Kinki Kids' and so on. It was known that Janiz had heard of Taiji's plan to Japan and had hold out its hand persistently in order to let Taiji join them. The rumor that the greatest group in Japan is going to remake Taiji's music has happened to be a big issue among maniacs for Taiji It is estimated that Seo Taiji temporizing opinions with japanese management companies incessantly is going to make the capture of japanese market in earnest from this coming spring. Seo Taiji plans to have a rock festival with japanese "Indi Rock Bands" after 'Arashi' lets japanese people know his music. However the detailed content has seldom appeared on the surface yet since Taiji's been excluding even the concerned persons of "Yang-goon management company" in charge of his domestic management. It is being rumored that "surprise announcement" related to Taiji's debut into Japan will be made before long. Seo Taiji's going to go to America and prepare for the debut into japanese market as soon as he finishes the arrangement work of live album. Trans. By Tai-Sa.