SeoTaiji's Encore Stage,
Watched by Japanese Record Dealers Secretly

Seoul Olympic Gymnasium was so hot where Seo Taiji's Encore Concert was opened.
Including the opening stage, about 12,000 fans had so much fun during 4 hours. There are some more articles about Taiji's Speak which was the last stage of the 6th album.

*Full of Yellow Handkerchief Lines Near the Gymnasium

From the early morning of the concert day, the place near the gymnasium was almost celebration. Seo Taiji's fans, with yellow handkerchiefs on their forhead and arm, was fully enough to get attention from others because of well-straight line and singing with Seo Taiji's music video from the multivision which was sponsored by Pro-Specs.

*Seo Taiji and Yang Hyun Suk, Hard Time To Harmonize

Seo Taiji arrived about 1:00 P.M. and checked sound system and had rehearsal. He especially spending more time for the song "What Can I Do" and "Come Back Home" with Yang Hyun Suk to harmonize.

Yang said, "I'm so enthusiastic to be on the stage with Taiji again." "It wasn't like the time before we had on the stage together and Taiji was so strict about making harmony
in singing and dancing which wasn't easy like before."

On the stage, they showed powerful dance and singing when they had performed together as Taiji Boys and after performance, they called each other as "Owner Yang" and
"CEO Seo" which made people laugh.

*10 Record Dealers From Japan Watched the Concert Secretly

To see and listen Seo Taiji's music which will be also in Japan in coming May, BMG JAPAN and other 10 record dealers came and watched the concert. This was their third visit after the show, 'HardCore 2000' and 'Seoul Triport Hall'.

Japanese Record dealers watched carefully since opening bands' performance has started.
When the concert started, they had conversations with a translator and kept asking question while the concert was going on.

One Japanese dealer guessed that Taiji had half-contract for the record and promotion.
He said Taiji's music is worthy enough to compete in Japan and it was nice chance to affirm his belief.

*Producers, Journalists Enjoyed the Concert

The VIP Seats in front of the stage, Japanese Record Dealers, producer Koh Jae-Hyung who produced <MBC Seo Taiji's Goodbye Special>,producer Song Seung-Jong, photographer Cho Se-Hyun, CEO Lee Tae-Hyun from Seoul
Entertainment, etc watched the concert.

New-Face dance group 'Valentine' with red hair, had fun with fans and had head-banging in standing seat.

Hwang Tae-Hoon <Reporter of DongA.com>
Trans. By Youngwontaiji