<Ultra Taiji prepares for his 2/3 encore Surpise Concert>
written by Hwang Tae Hoon,

It is finalized that after finishing up his national tour concert, Taiji will be having an encore concert for his fans on 2/3 6pm at Seoul Jam Sil Gymnastic Gymnasium. This performance will be the epitome of his 6th album. Let's review the details of this concert.

1. For a solo singer, he will be setting a record for having the most people in a performance.

His recent tour consisted of 10 concerts and had 60,000 people coming to see his live concert. Each concert had an average of 6,000 people and that is unheard of in the domestic music industry.

In his Goodbye Concert, there will be 5,000 standing tickets and 7,400 seated tickets which amounts to an estimated 12,400 seats. Therefore, it is projected that Taiji will have a grand total of 73,000 people come to his concert.

It is surprising for a singer in Korea to be absent in the music industry for almost 5 years and still have a tremendous influence selling 150,000 albums (according to WaaWaa Entertainment internal statistics) and concluding with successful sold out concerts. Taiji's 6th album is excellent in a musical perspective but its success cannot be mentioned without the enormous love of his fans. There is no doubt that Taiji will be targeting the global market but he has promised to come back to Korea with his 7th album soon.

2. What kind of unexpected events will unveil?

Taiji will keep the format of his national tour but will also add something new. As he oversees this concert at a huge venue, Taiji is definitely going to add eye catchers. YG Management stated that there will be 3-4 underground bands and in between acts there will be a surprise event since this will be Taiji's last encounter with fans for his 6th album promotions.

3. The broadcast for this concert is still in discussion.

MBC (a Korean broadcasting network) wants to sponsor this event since they have strong ties with Taiji (Taiji debuted on MBC). Consequently, there is a high probability that we may see the concert broadcasted on TV. YG Management says that they will decide before or after they finish the editing process of the Encore Concert.

4. The scooter that Taiji rode in the concert was a gift from Jinusean (in particular Jinu).

It is known that Taiji and Jinusean are very close.
When Taiji announced that he will retire from the Korean music industry Jinusean volunteered to be guides in the US. Jinusean will make a come back on 2/8 for their 3rd album. Taiji will be riding this scooter in the encore concert as well.

America's online music website blistering.com had a detailed article of Taiji's 6th album on 1/19/2001.
This is the 6th time that Taiji was reviewed in a foreign music site. According to Shawn Whedel, Taiji is an innovator mixing the current popular music with his unique individuality. In particular, "To You" the hidden track incorporates China's Cantonese pop band, with Carpenter's lyrics, and reflects Korn's musical influence.

(Trans. By taijifor3v3r)