[Sports Seoul] Seo Taiji's perfect performance in Japan

Seo Taiji(29) has finished the concerts of rock festival 'Summer Sonic 2001' held in Tokyo, Osaka in Japan on 18бн19th, Aug successfully. He changed his hair to color of bright brown and showed skillful concerts to many Korean fans who came into Japan to see him. With worldwide musicians such as Marilyn Manson and Slipknot, Seo Taiji appeared early in the performances and sang famous songs like 'Internet war', 'Ultra mania'. More than 200 thousand people came to the festival which were held in 2 days and enjoyed much. And there were also Japanese fan clubs of Seo Taiji. Fortunately, there were no accident anticipated. The Korean fans will return home from 20th.

Won Jung-ho (jhwon@sportsseoul.com) Trans. By haedojee