[Sports Today] SeoTaiji appears on Japanese Stage

A singer, Seo Taiji's decision to join a top rock festival that will be held in Japan is becoming a topic of conversation.

Seo Taiji, who is leading a secluded life in Japan, will join a rock festival, 'Summer Sonic 2001', which will be held over a two day period, from August 18 ~ 19 in Viva Marine Stadium near Tokyo, Japan, and in Osaka WTC Open Air Stadium and perform on stage.

Being the first step of the advancement into Japanese music industry that is starting in the end of August, Seo Taiji's this stage performance is gathering tremendous attention of those who are interested. 'Summer Sonic' which has started since last year, is a representative underground rock music festival in Japan, along with Fuji Rock Festival.

Unlike last year's concert, with the participation of world-famous artists such as Marilyn Manson, Beck, and The Cult, this year's concert carries as much importance as woodstock,the major rock music festival.

Seo Taiji's participation in this concert was made through BMG Japan, a company that is managing Seo Taiji's current label in Japan. The form of appearance is special guest, but he only appears on the first day on Tokyo stage, where Marilyn Manson will perform.

Seo Taiji's appearance on this stage is viewed as a touchstone of his advancement into Japanese stage. Especially, considering that the foreign advandements of the other korean stars have been only perfunctory, Seo Taiji's participation in this rock festival is very meaningful. As a matter of fact, one of the people involved in the festival said, "Seo Taiji's performance in this concert will be a lot different from what other korean stars have shown in foreign countries so far" and also mentioned that "because his appearance in the concert itself means that he has been recognized as a world-famous musician, it is same as over half the success of Seo Taiji's activity in japan is already guaranteed".

Yoon Kyung Chul

Trans. By Demian