Mar. 8th Taiji-Newsletter Good News!

The video version of Taiji live concert will be released including those songs, which were to your regret cut off on its TV version, as well as Self-Camera recordings and other precious materials. It will be due out late March or early April in both VHS and DVD forms. But he has no inkling to publish any photo collection in a book form at all. No plan for it. So Taiji is still busy editing for the live album and video. Please, doní»t too much worry about when he will leave for America. His departure this time is just temporary and will soon return after his work is done. There was a report on newspaper that Taiji might make a contract with a certain record company. Nothing has been confirmed yet. Letí»s leave it up to Taiji, whose decision will be for the best. Drummer Heff went back home to America last month. I once saw Taiji communicate with Heff without any interpreter, but a little to my surprise, Taiji conversed with Jason Robert, mixing engineer, in fluent English although he said he didní»t speak English at all. Many of our fans are making efforts in several ways to break down the current unreasonable practices of TV system and to spread out Taijií»s music to more people. Letí»s take the lead for a healthy fandom culture.

Trans. By Dream of Balhae